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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 8, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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go on tv as a political expert. only in america can'z1n÷ you do. see you monday, special report's up next. night. i'm martha maccallum. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. major news out of the white house today. president obama has selected his pick for the next attorney general of the united states. now, this comes on the same day that the president met with congressional leaders at the white house and approved the pentagon's request to send 1,500 additional u.s. troops to iraq. fox's own ed henry is in the briefing room with all the breaking details tonight. ed. >> sean, good to see you. what was interesting about this meeting is that republicans emerged saying that they believe it was actually a good start, that a conversation was started. there was a lot of substance at this meeting where they talked about the president wanting more ebola funding to deal with that crisis. also talked about ways to potentially create jobs. i'm told broader discussion from
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the president is he believes they can get some smaller deals on infrastructure spending for example that both sides basically say they want to do. that that could build momentum for larger budget deals, bigger initiatives that they can come together on. but the fact of the matter is beyond the substance the style and body language in the room almost looked like they were all in the waiting room of a dentist office, particularly harry reid and the president. wasn't so much the republicans and the president. there's been a lot of barbs traded in recent days between the staff of senator reid and the white house about who lost control of the senate. while harry reid was sitting next to the president, he seemed to be leaning a bit far from him. there's still a lot of tension there. other interesting parties for all the talk of cooperation it is very clear that republicans are still very upset that the president is planning to bull ahead with executive action on immigration reform. that's likely to come in mid-december. that would give work permits to several million people, illegal immigrants, allowing them to stay in the country.
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republicans upset about that while the white house pushes back. listen. >> no one ran for office this year of campaigning to say the president ought to do more executive orders and specifically on immigration. >> is there one tv ad out there, is there one candidate who said i want to see more executive action? >> well, ed, most of the people who were running the television ads were running for congress. and so it's not a surprise to me that these television ads focused on legislation that they support. >> now, the biggest surprise in the meeting may be that the president also used it to push to get support from the republican and democratic leaders to basically double the number of u.s. troops on the ground in iraq. they call them advisers, but they are essentially going to be boots on the ground. 1,500 more of them along with that $5.6 billion to pay for it. very curious of course the timing that the president would be pushing this and now publicly announcing it today late on a friday just a few days after the election. senior administration official
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insisted to us that timing had nothing to do with the election. on top of that they're also saying there's no ceiling to how many troops may be sent to iraq to deal with this crisis, deal with this threat from the isis terrorists, sean. >> interesting that none of these things could have been raised before the election. on a side note, the rhetoric the president says we've all got to work together, there's got to be bipartisanship, he's used all of that rhetoric followed up by we won, you lost, followed up by you need to win elections. and the president laid down the gauntlet on wednesday in his press conference. he's going to go ahead with executive amnesty. he's going to veto any bill that takes away obamacare. so he really has boxed himself into the corner that really seems little room for any compromise in spite of the big show. it was very nice, i guess, to meet senator mcconnell ñor the first time in six years. that was pretty big of him. >> and he served sea bass and pumpkin tarts. lawmakers left with brown goody bags with the white house emblem. little swag may bring them
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together, a little cooperation. but you're right, on the serious substance of this the white house side of it is look they feel that mitch mcconnell has been working to block the president's agenda for six years. they say he wouldn't be moving forward with the executive orders on immigration reform if republicans in congress had moved forward with legislation. but the other side of that is of course as you noted that news conference on wednesday the republicans feel like the president just frankly wouldn't admit that he had lost. and they feel like if he has that attitude and is moving forward with these executive orders in december likely before the new congress is even sworn-in, it's going to get off to the wrong course. >> i talk -- ed henry at the white house tonight. as questions are raised about the president's entire lame duck agenda, one specific area of concern is him rushing the confirmation of our next attorney general before the new congress is in place. now, texas senator ted cruz he expressed his view today. he tweeted out democratic senators who just lost their
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seats shouldn't confirm the new attorney general. the nominee should be vetted by the new congress. here with an exclusive reaction to this major news this week in washington, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. good to see you. >> how are you, sean? >> heck of a week. >> congratulations. >> do you agree with ted cruz on that? >> sure. the american people have had a very big election, we're going to have a new congress. >> do you know her? >> i do. i know her well. probably actually a good sign that he isn't going, you know, too far to the left, too far to the right. he's picking somebody that's essentially a professal prosecutor. i actually think she'd have -- of course i don't know her whole background. i think she'd have a good chance of getting through the new congress. >> off the top of your head you don't see any rigid ideology like attorney general holder. >> no. so why create the problem? >> yeah. >> you put her through this congress and you're going to put a stain on her. put her before the next
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congress. she's got the credentials. she's been a prosecutor if not all of her life most of her life. she's a professional. she's not a political operative. i mean you can make a lot of good arguments where you would probably get a lot of republican votes. and it's also part of this spirit of understanding the results of the election and showing the american people some humility. >> he didn't really show that on wednesday. he was kind of lecturing the two-thirds of americans that didn't vote, like you don't appreciate me. here's where we are. since he's been president his party has lost 14 seats in the united states senate. in the house a net loss of right now 72 seats. among governors he's lost ten governorships. a net loss of hundreds and hundreds of state legislators. republicans now have solid control of the senate, overwhelming control of the house, their strongest position since the 1920s. >> wow. >> and same with state legislatures, since the 1920s. how do you interpret the
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election? >> somehow there's a lack of common sense operating here with the president and the white house. you can't possibly read those results as not being a rejection of what you're doing and therefore making big changes. i work for ronald reagan. this is when ronald reagan brought in senator baker. >> late in his second term. >> yeah. this is when clinton went triangulation. two men who have common sense. to read these results as i got two years and i'm just going straight ahead with my ideology and this idea of amnesty by executive order is absolutely illegal. >> it's unconstitutional. >> first of all it's unconstitutional. i don't agree with impeachment because i think impeachment gives him what he wants. but i do agree with legal action. the rude man dame is requires a
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public official to do your duty. sure you can have some prosecutorial discretion. you can say i'm not going to prosecute this case or that case or that case. but suppose i as united states attorney said i'm not going to prosecute any racketeering cases. none. >> you're not doing your job. >> i'm not doing my job. they'd bring a rude man dams to do it. >> i agree with you in this sense. i think the president has set up. jonathan turley calls it we are now on the brink of a constitutional tipping point, a crisis. and this is precipitated by the president's actions. he's now chosen not to enforce aspects of the health care law. he didn't acquire the work requirements for welfare. he has not been enforcing our immigration laws. so he wants this crisis, how should the republicans handle it? because i agree there's a temptation that maybe some of them would go overboard. >> don't overdo it. they should handle it through
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defunding what they can defund. keeping back money from areas where he needs money to carry out these illegal actions. and there should be significant legal action like a-where the courts require to carry out the law. the president has the obligation to carry out the laws of the united states. he has some discretion. but he doesn't have discretion to decide not to carry out entire categories of law. >> and ignore the laws on the books now. >> exactly right. >> if i were in the leadership, which i am not, in the house and senate, this would be my strategy. i would put bill after bill after bill on this man's desk. >> first one is the pipeline. >> keystone xl pipeline. >> yeah, let him veto that. that's going to get 12, 15 democratic votes. i predict that passes the senate 62, 63, 64, 65. >> override a veto. >> yeah. let him override a veto with 12,
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15 democratic votes. put a balance budget -- >> on his desk. >> on his desk. and let him veto a balanced -- >> health care repeal law, obamacare repeal law on his desk. >> with significant changes that we would make in that same law, right? so you repeal obamacare and you replace it with being able to buy insurance nationwide. >> across state lines? >> being able to have triple the health accounts that we presently have. >> medical device tax. >> setting up a tax deduction for businesses. put in about ten or 12 provisions that in essence he made medical care more government-oriented. so we take away the government orientation and substitute moving it more to the private sector. let him veto that bill. but don't send him just the obama law. >> put in the alternative.
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>> put in -- look, they want -- >> if he vetoes it -- >> okay, so now we'll have 4,000 pages. 2,000 of his and 2,000 of ours. it will be this big. >> i don't know if that's going to be good for the country. mr. mayor, good to see you. on "hannity" straight ahead. >> if he acting unilaterally on his own outside of his authority, he will poison the well. and there will be no chance for immigration reform moving in this congress. >> all right. obama's been warned, but how can the republicans really stop the president from pushing through that radical agenda? we're going to check in tonight jay, joe trippi, they're coming up next. later, many are saying he's unstoppable after winning his third election. we'll check in with wisconsin governor scott walker. all of that plus colonel alan west, sarah palin and much more as "hannity" continues.
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welcome back to "hannity." talking executive action on immigration, take a look. >> i think the president choosing to do a lot of things unilaterally on immigration would be a big mistake. it's an issue that most of my members want to address. legislatively. and it's like waving a red flag in front of a bull to say if you guys don't want to do what i want, i'm going to do it on my own. >> i am literally pleading with the president of the united states not to act. give it a chance. we've got a new congress.
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we've got a new mandate. let's let the house of representatives decide whether they want to move forward on immigration reform or not. it will be a devastating blow if he acts unilaterally with executive order. >> i've made clear to the president that if he acts unilaterally on his own outside of his authority, he will poison the well. and there will be no chance for immigration reform moving in this congress. it's as simple aswjñjté3gyfrtha >> now the question remains, how will they actually go about stopping the president's amnesty agenda. here to talk about the ins and outs of the legislative process and explain the constitutional issues involved, author of the "new york times" best seller, the rise of isis, a threat we cannot ignore." the american sister for law and justice, also with us democratic strategist joe trippi. did a great night on election night. >> thank you. >> you believe in checks and balances, co-equal government,
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separation of powers, you agree with that, joe? >> absolutely. >> so when the president makes recess appointments and the senate's not in, that's not constitutional. if the president unilaterally changes the health care law, you agree he doesn't have the right to do that, or if he changes immigration or welfare laws, he doesn't have the right to do those things, does he? >> that's why you have the third branch, the judicial branch, that decides whether he did or didn't. i mean, i think that's what they're left with. if he acts unilaterally here with executive orders if as boehner says he thinks he acted outside of his authority, then the only -- >> you're kind of hedging your opinion. joe, you like george washington university law professor jonathan turley, he's a friend of yours, right? >> i have a lot of friends at george washington university. >> is he one of them? >> i think so, yeah. i don't know if he says i'm a friend. >> he's a liberal democrat like you. >> sure. >> he says that the president is bringing us to a constitutional
2:17 am
tipping point. do you agree? >> well, i do think there could be a constitutional crisis in all of this. that's why, again, you have the judicial branch to decide who is right about the constitutionality of these things. >> jay, you've argued before the supreme court a dozen times or more. what do you think? >> yep. i think if the president unilaterally acts on the issue of immigration, he has no statutory authority to do it. there's no legislation he's enforcing here. he has no constitutional power to do that. it's very similar, sean you just mentioned this, it's very similar to the situation with the recess appointments that the president tried to put forward when congress was not in recess. and i represented the speaker of the house in that case of the supreme court and we won 9-0 where the president was told you didn't have the authority to do that. so this idea that the president can issue a decree as if he's king is just not correct. and the reality is the political consequences of this are significant. you're basically starting off
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with telling congress you're not going to work with them. so that's the politics. but the legal issues here, the constitutional issue, i have a son that went to george washington university. and i know jonathan turley well, the fact of the matter is it's a constitutional crisis when the president issues an executive order. when there's no underlying authority in which to do that. he's not implementing a law. he's not implementing regulation. he's creating his own law. and the president doesn't get to do that. >> go ahead, joe. >> look, there are really only two ways to deal with this, right? legislatively either -- i mean, congress at this point the current congress could pass or at least vote on the bipartisan bill that passed in the senate. >> in the house. >> right. passed that in the house. or if the president acts unilaterally there's a constitutional challenge. i mean, you can say it's not constitutional -- >> joe, he could put it through
2:19 am
the process. you've got a new congress coming in. this is a significant issue. talking about immigration reform is a huge issue. >> i thought we were talking about -- >> a lot of discussion, a lot of policy. put it through the legislative process. if you act unilaterally that's not another option if it's ruled unconstitutional. do not set yourself up for that kind of challenge right at the >> i'm not arguing with you on that. i'm arguing -- the question was how can the republicans stop him. and i'm saying if he decides to do it regardless of whether you think that's a horrible idea, unconstitutional or not, you either have the judicial branch step in or congress can move the bill right now in the lame duck session. those are the only two ways -- >> joe -- >> i can promise you that. >> wait a minute. we have immigration laws -- >> i expect there would be a court case immediately. >> we have a problem -- >> boehner's been threatening to do the court case for some time and hasn't done it. >> joe, let me ask you this.
2:20 am
we have an immigration law right now. hang on. we have an immigration law right now. and the president's deciding unilaterally not to enforce it. he's going to decide on amnesty which should go through the legislative process. he doesn't have the right to decree or dictate or executive fiat to dictate what the law is. that's why we have separation of powers. why wouldn't you as a democrat say, mr. president, you really need to go through the legislative process, follow the constitution, don't exceed your authority and don't -- of the legislative branch. >> but sean, we don't know what the executive order is, okay. i don't know that it's succeeded any authority. we could have all kinds of experts proclaiming it will be -- >> right now to issue any order on any kind of amnesty or work permits, what would the authority underlying congressional authority, what law would he be implementing? when you're implementing law. what law would he be
2:21 am
implementing? >> we'll have to see what the executive order is and i think immediately there will be a case. >> i can promise you that. >> if he exceeds his authority, there will be a case. >> if a republican did this, joe, would you be upset? >> did -- bush issued executive orders all the time. >> no, can you give me an exact example? >> no, i can't say i wasn't thrilled with many of the ones he issued. that's not my point. i don't have one in my head about what i didn't agree with bush on. >> it's too bad that the president says one thing like he did today that he wants us all to get along, work together for the american people. then he precipitates a mayjor constitutional showdown. >> of course he's met with mitch mcconnell three times now in six years. that doesn't sound like a guy that reaches out very often. >> sean, they've got the plan already in place. the president knows what that executive order's going to be. he knows he's going to get a challenge. and that challenge will be
2:22 am
instantaneo instantaneous. >> coming up on "hannity". >> the republican party has a demonstrated genuine hero and potential star in its ranks. and he is the governor of wisconsin. his name is scott walker. >> the man himself governor scott walker he joins us next to talk about how he's been able to win three elections in four short years. and then later tonight lieutenant colonel allen west,
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welcome back to "hannity." my next guest, wisconsin governor scott walker, he won his third election in four years solidifying his rock star status in the gop. and sorry to break to the democrats, but walker is just getting started. take a listen to what rush limbaugh had to say on the undefeated governor's latest victory. >> ladies and gentlemen, the republican party has a genuine
2:25 am
star. the republican party has a demonstrated genuine hero and potential star in its ranks. and he is the governor of wisconsin. his name is scott walker. every american union, every american labor union thug, a rigged judiciary, a rigged media, the democrat party has thrown everything they have got at scott walker, and he has beat them back without one syllable of complaint. without one ounce of whining flt all he has deone is win. >> joining me now the man himself scott walker. high praise from the master. by the way, i say ditto. i agree with him. they went at you with everything they had, governor. good for you. >> they did indeed. but in the end we felt here in
2:26 am
wisconsin and i think across america people want to be for something, not against something. the people in washington, the big government special interests, they tried to tell our voters what they were against. we clearly laid out what we were for, for lower taxes, for better schools, for a better future for our children and grandchildren. and people in our states say we don't want the washington tapdown artificial government knows best approach. we want organic fresh new exciting buildup from the ground up approach that we embraced. >> who ared so-called big stars brought in to campaign -- by the way, third election in four years, that's brutal. who are the so-called stars brought in to campaign for your opponent? >> they had everybody. they had bill clinton, they had elizabeth warren, the president of the united states who came in tuesday before the election in a ward that went 99% for him in the last election. they brought in three national union leaders and they all said
2:27 am
i was their number one target in america. i said it's simple because we took their power away. the power away of the big government special interests in washington and we put it in the hands of our state taxpayers and they didn't much like that. but the taxpayers did. >> how much money do you estimate they spent against you, all the outside groups, the party, how much money do you think they threw at you? >> it's tens of millions of dollars. remember, it's not just what they spent this time. they literally started almost four years ago on november 2nd of 2010, a website was registered call reca that was four years ago. they ran the recall election which crossed something like $80 million and then back at it again this fall. >> because i was in wisconsin about four weeks ago and i was commenting about, i mean, if you believe the ads, you are the devil. you're satan, or the son of satan. one or the other. i mean, they were brutal. let's go over because i actually think what people like yourself john kasich cruise to
2:28 am
re-election, rick scott, look at for example in texas you got a new governor there, rick perry had been there 16 years, wendy davis, the so-called star was going to take over. bobby jindal, nicki haley reelected. what was the debt when you came into office? what is the debt now? how much have you lowered taxes? and how many jobs have been created? what was the unemployment numbers? >> $3.6 billion in deficit when i came in. we now have about a $1 billion surplus that this spring we gave back to the taxpayers for the third time this year alone we've lowered taxes. taxes $2 billion lower since i've taken office. property taxes and income taxes are lower than they were four years ago. imagine that property taxes are lower in typical home, not the rate, the levee. we've seen 110,000 new jobs. and at the beginning of 2010 the unemployment rate was 9.2%. last month it was down to 5.5%, the lowest it's been in six
2:29 am
years. >> wow. i think this is a template or a model that should be duplicated on a national level. give me advice, now that republicans have control of the house and senate, don't you think the answer is putting conservative solutions like you used that work for the people of wisconsin, isn't that a key component if they want to stay in power? >> absolutely, sean. you'll get a kick out of this. four years when we came in everything was democrat. november 2 of 2010 we changed it all. we came in after the election and said it's put up or shut up time. we flipped everything and we were a little less bad than the democrats before us the voters would have every right to throw us out. obviously we did stand up and lead. we did exactly what we said we were going to do. four years laters even with all this money, all these attacks, not only did i win but we added seats in our state senate, we added seats in our state assembly. my message to my friends heading off to washington to be part of that new senate majority is lead. get out there and show the
2:30 am
american people you can get something done. that's what they're craving. >> you solve the problems, you get rewarded. conservative policies equal good politics equals good political result -- coming up, how the naacp snubbed the historic election wins of candidates like senator tim scott and congressional-elect mia love. and why the president is secretly corresponding with the supreme leader of iran. we'll check in with lieutenant colonel alan west. and later former governor sarah palin reacts to tuesday's big win for the gop. she has some advice for them as we continue. want to know how hard it can be... breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier.
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well that's what type e*s do. welcome home. taking control of your retirement? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*? welcome back to "hannity." on tuesday night american people made history by electing tim scott, the first black senator from a southern state since reconstruction. and mia love, the first black woman elected to the house of representatives. instead of celebrating this historic progress, the naacp made no mention of scott or love, rather the statement read "equal access to voting remains paramount as numerous reports of voting irregular lir tas emerged during the midterm elections yesterday." sought to downplay the newfound diversity in congress with his
2:36 am
own "this was not about those who won but rather the citizens who lost the right to participate." here with reaction is fox news contributor lieutenant colonel alan west. the national association for the advancement of colored people. and you have historic elections here. do you have to be liberal to be counted in that group? >> yes, you do, sean. it's the national association for the advancement of colored liberal progressive people. and they need to redefine themselves as such. it is nothing more than an extension just an arm of the democrat party. and the fact that they could not come out and just show good sportsmanship if you want to put it that way of congratulating tim scott and also congratulating mia love. that was not necessary. but their whole focus continues to be on the grievance mongering in the black community. i heard the naacp -- they said nothing about those lynching
2:37 am
flyers. >> yeah. nothing about the flyers that were used in georgia. tim scott got an f grade from the naacp. here's his explanation as to why he thinks he got that. >> if we look back over history when the congress was controlled by the democrats for 40 consecutive years, if we look at the result of that control, what has happened in black america, we saw greater poverty. if we take the statistics from 1970s to the 21st century, what we see very clearly is that poverty's gone from 11% to 15%. these are classic examples that the policies of the left have not worked. i will tell you thatkçbz(k1hxb an f on the naacp's scorecard is because i believe progress has to be made and government is not the answer for progress. >> last night we went to the hannity big board with my friend charles payne and we've shown the people that have suffered in this country the most under obama's policies are black
2:38 am
americans, hispanic-americans, women. the very constituencies that they say they had the monopoly on compassion for. so how do they get to that grade? how do they make that assumption? >> well, that assumption is just based upon whether or not you have a d or r after your name. i've been there, done that, had do go through it. and it was the former chairman of the congressional black caucus representative emanuel cleburne in missouri said if there were someone different sitting in the white house, the black people would be marching on the white house. but yet because of the president who he is they give deference to him. sean, it's pathetic what you have seen happen since 1965 and the great society programs of lyndon johnson, the december mags of the black family, lack of jobs and opportunity, poor education, there in new york city where was the naacp when mayor bill de blasio wanted to shut down charter schools, one
2:39 am
of the most high performing is success academy right there in harlem. so we know whose side they're playing on. tim scott, myself, many others, mia love, we are really not concerned about the ratings of the naacp. >> let me ask you about the president. if you go back to the president, he made this comment back in september, no more boots on the ground in iraq dealing with isis. remember he said this. >> i will not commit you and the rest of our armed forces to fighting another ground war in iraq. after a decade of massive ground deployments, it is more effective to use our unique capabilities in support of partners on the ground so they can secure their own countries' futures. and that's the only solution that will succeed over the long-term. >> the president waits until after the election 1,500 more boots on the ground and we find out he has his secret pen pal, the supreme leader of iran in
2:40 am
terms of reaching out to them to deal with isis. what is your reaction to deal with these two developments? >> i find it quite hypocritical that the president would put boots on the ground and u.s. troops in west africa to fight against ebola but not fight an enemy that's beheaded americans. sean, it's very simple. the president made campaign promises and that overweighed policy. he created a vacuum in iraq and now he does not want to go and commit our troops to clean up the failure in his foreign policy. and one of the things that has happened is that iran has come in to fill that void. isis has come in to fill that void. and the president of the united states of america is now sending letters to the number one state sponsor of islamic terrorism in the entire world. and that is unconsciousable that the commander in chief, the president of the united states of america will be having these secr secr secret correspondence.
2:41 am
>> let me ask you one related question, ten years ago of all the people that were crossing into this country illegally, less than 10% from countries other than mexico. there's a report out today from the center of investigative reporting, 53% now of illegals or 253,000 people caught at the u.s./mexico border are from countries other than mexico. what? how alarming is that in your mind? because sirens are running off in mine thinking, all right, yemen, syria, afghanistan, pakistan, maybe iran. how dangerous is that? >> it's incredibly dangerous because on this new 21st century battlefield where you have these nonstate, nonuniformed -- that are transiting irrespective of borders, why would we not want to secure our own border and protect our own sovereignty and the people of the united states of america? so once again we're creating a gap by which this enemy is going to exploit us, establish terror cells in this country. we know isis is calling for the
2:42 am
jihadist attacks. you know, border security is first and foremost all about your national security. and we see a president that for whatever reason prefers an open border, open door policy instead of really protecting this great nation. >> colonel west, good to see you. thank you. coming up next tonight here on "hannity". >> my loser from last night in the 16 contacts, hillary clinton. i can't tell you, like spell this out exactly, but here's the thing. the party's now in disarray. >> so what does the republican landslide, a massacre this week, mean for hillary clinton in 2016? former governor sarah palin here to explain that and more straight ahead.
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welcome back to "hannity." a bad week for dozens of democratic candidates all across the country. but according to folks on both sides of the aisle, one person in particular had a really awful week. and that was none other than hillary clinton. take a look. >> hillary clinton and bill clinton have been all over the place trying to make it out they're somehow better democrats -- >> that's a good question. >> the calvary's coming in. well, the calvary got --
2:48 am
>> my loser from last night in the 16 contacts, hillary clinton. i can't spell this out exactly, but here's the thing. the party's now in disarray. >> mrs. clinton went to arkansas and kentucky on behalf of democrats that lost. what's that tell us about hillary being inevitable in 2016? >> that tells you she's nott i inevitable flt i think she's beatable. i really do. >> joining us now former governor of alaska sarah palin. do you agree with that assessment? >> that was a whole ball of wax wasn't it the other night? all of the democrats from failed policies and failed candidates and failed surrogates. well, that was just really made manifest by the american people when we all said no to that and to stop that. and hillary of course was a part of that. of course though the left, sean, will buck up. and they will do all that they
2:49 am
can to protect hillary and try to change the narrative. that she was the winner in all of this and chose the right ones and policies to support. obviously the facts don't support that. but they will support her any way and prop her up because they participate in this phony and failed war on women so to compensate for what it is that they accuse the republicans of engaging in. they make an extra effort to coddle women and to make them feel that they can't independently and with their own capabilities rise to the top that government and politicians and others have to do things for them. they will do things for hillary to continue to prop her up. >> one of the big issues in almost every senate race was the percent of the time that that individual senator, mary landrieu or kay hagan, whoever it happened to be, mark udall, what was the percentage of times they voted with barack obama? i would imagine that hillary if
2:50 am
she wants to run for president will try and distance herself from barack obama. having served with him four years, never spoken out publicly against his policies, can she do that successfully? >> no. barack obama of course has had his boot on the neck of the american economy. call the shots over the past six years. anyone who shine those boots, no, the american public, you can't upside estimate the wisdom of. and we'll be saying no to anyone who participated. good point too about mark begich, mary landrieu, all these folks, they supported barack obama and would continue to of course when they got back in there 97%, 98%, 99% of the time. how stupid did they think american voters were? >> i noticed on your facebook
2:51 am
page an admonition and advice for the newly elected republicans in washington. they've been giving to get to washington, d.c. and stop -- you better give us our freedom. and don't take our confidence gop back to status quo and expect victory in 2016.
2:52 am
>> i think it was 100% because i think the country realizes that the policies have failed. is there unspoken expectation for republicans they'll offer an inspiring vision, solutions for a lot of problems we have? immigration? health care? borders? debt? deficits? poverty? is there an unspoken expectation by the electorate that in two years we want to see what you're going to offer? >> right. first stop obama and failed policy. but also, yes. that inspiration that we can gain from the g.o.p. and what we sent them to do there in washington, those are campaign promises and strand strong. making it specific from there. but lower the corporate tax rate. quit shoving jobs overseas. allow competition in the health
2:53 am
care system once you repeel obamacare as you promised to do, g.o.p. allow employers to hire more full time jobs. what is going on now is a decimation of the middle class. employers are not able to hire people. we'll is a flood of illegal immigrants coming in to compete with american jobs that leads to just an atrophying of a foundation of the country, which is the middle class that is on the democrats' shoulders >> are you thinking about getting into politics? >> i would love to. >> what job? >> don't know what job. but you know, of course in the meantime, i'm out and about, doing what i can to support good
2:54 am
candidates. saturday i'll be in louisiana. tonight i'm pleased to hear that in new orleans we have a unity effort there in the race against landreau joining with that open jungle primary louisiana had we won't see cassidy and supporters coming together to make sure mary ladndreau that they don't get back to washington, d.c. we'll have the g.o.p. there and will do that by unity. i am going to participate in things like that to help. >> thank you. >> coming up, the big question of the day. we'll tell you about, coming up, straight ahead. i (state your name), do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states
2:55 am
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time for the question of the day. if i can have any job what would it be? i'd be a professional athlete i don't care the sport. but it would be fun. but that didn't happen. president? because then, i can make better decisions than obama. that is never going to happen, either. by the way, what would you choose? head over to facebook, twitter. tell us what your answer will be. i think i'd be a better president than this guy. anyone could be. just do the opposite of he's been doing. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend we'll see you back here on monday.
2:59 am
3:00 am
hi, everyone, good morning. today is saturday, the 8th of november, 2014. i'm anna kooiman. his legacy, get u.s. troops out of the middle east, but just days after the midterms, president obama announces he is sending more soldiers into the line of fire in iraq. so why now? >> and lunch at the he white house, president obama bringing both sides together to break bread after the midterm she lacking he took. when the cameras stop rolling, the president started berating. we have got details. >> berating? forget about politics, president obama on the road again. ♪ on the road again ♪


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